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At Beatle Analytics, it's all about growth following the trends. We are passionate about moving ahead towards success of our clients envisage.

Team Beatle Analytics is a group of experienced hardworking entrepreneurs with zeal and drive to deliver.

At Beatle Analytics, our goal is to enable our clients with all our technical and analytical insight and help in optimal usage of resources. We also provide the best analysis and troubleshooting which sheer towards the path of success in revenue gains.

At any enterprise a sizable amount of money spent on marketing and advertisement. A quick and effective way to know how well this money is spent his through “real-time customer feedback”

Our product is specifically designed for the service industry. Here we use the R.T.C.F to study and understand the behavior and expectations of a customer/ guest and build detailed analysis. We work with real time data so approach is 3 tired


Software Features

  • The back- end comprises of a database and an interactive dash board.
  • The data collected through the front- end gets collected in the back- end database also at the same time
  • Gets displayed on the dashboard as graphs, charts and Complaints thus making it easier to understand the trends.
  • From this end detailed reports are generated and can be pulled out for further analysis.
  • Self sufficient and independent system
  • Works on auto-mode at regular data input.
  • To generate reports or data analysis it does not require any intervention from our side
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  • Very user friendly android application that runs on a hand held tablet
  • Easy to operate and the very fact the use of a tablet makes it portable and mobile.
  • This end collects feedback from the customers visiting our client's property
  • Be it a store, hotel, restaurant, gym, spa, hospital it works everywhere.
  • The feedback collected through this end is very specific.
  • We ask very detailed and specific questions related to a section or subsection of any sector.
  • Works on auto-mode at regular data input.
  • To generate reports or data analysis it does not require any intervention from our side

Affordable Price


Trial Package
  • ---
  • Software Cost 0.0/-
  • Installation Charges 5900/
  • Duration 45 Days


Limited Plan
  • Software Cost 35400/-
  • Add On Software 17700/-
  • Duration 1 Year
  • Renewal Charges 9440/-


Unlimited Plans
  • Software Cost 177000/-
  • Add On Software 0/-
  • Duration 1 Year
  • Renewal Charges 59000/-

Our Expertise

Our talented engineers can develop anything from a basic ecommerce website to complex web portals, web applications and content management systems.







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