How to collect restaurant feedbacks effectively

How to collect restaurant feedbacks effectively

Collecting feedback is one of the most essential and tiring job for any restaurant. Specially the one which have a continuous flow of customer. During the rush hours it becomes very difficult for the staff to collect feedback from every client. As a business owner you know that every client is important and so as their feedback but when your staff comes up with reasons like time constraint and unwillingness of customers to share their feedback it becomes very difficult to overcome these rebuttals.

Here we will discuss about the things we need before implementing a feedback system in your restaurant

1. Train your staff well: Before implementing a feedback system you should discuss with your staff about the new process that will get included in your business. Make them understand the importance and how is this going to impact your business in coming future. It is very important for your staff to understand and acquire the right knowledge of the concept before you even think to take in such process. It has been observed that 20% of customer feedbacks does not happen due to reluctance of your staff. Better if you hire an external coach who can make your job easier.

2. Choose the right System: It is very important to choose the right way to collect feedback from your customers. Your customer unlike yourself will not understand what feedback mean to you and for your business. For your customer feedback is just a formality which can be avoided by just saying a simple no. Moreover, they think it's a wastage of time and me feel a bit lazy to think it and write it after a meal. It is advisable to avoid paper feedback forms and replace them by a digital interference. In today's life when majority of of work is is done on screen, then the reception of of digital feedback form prove more than a paper placard.

3. What's the right time to collect feedbacks: In the process of collecting feedback timing is everything. You are looking for or that small window when your customer is sitting idle and waiting for or the billing. This is the right time to collect the feedback. The best way is to make a strategy where your manager can collect the feedback while the staff is away with the billing process. A better way of doing is to introduce yourself as a manager and start a Small conversation with your customer followed by request for their valuable feedback.

4. Add some Incentives: To make your feedback collection process more efficient you may also add some incentive for your staff and for your customer. Try not to monetize the incentive that you provide to your customers - they are not looking for a discount. Try out with some goodies like your branded chocolates for kids or any small item which your clients may carry along with your brand on it.

5. Don't search for cheaper services: The most common mistake that restaurant owners generally make is to figure out the cheapest possible way to collect feedback. Remember, a cheaper service cost less because it has flaws in it. Get yourself a service which may be expensive but will give you an accurate analysis of your feedbacks as well as a good experience to your customer. Try avoiding free platforms as they will only exploit your database later on.

These are some very common and basic practices that shall be followed by to restaurant who want to take their business to the next level. One of the major aspects of marketing in restaurant business is mouth publicity and what else can be e better than a person who already has an awesome experience in your restaurant.


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